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These drawings are designed to be viewed on a computer screen. The viewer is to use them for cross-eye experiments for blending two different objects into one fused field in their mind. These are easier to see improvements on the previous drawings to test variations on the visual responses.

Red-green blend cross-eye experiment

Red-green blend cross-eye blend experiment on a Red-green field #1

Red-green target #1

Red-green target #1 cross-eye blend experiment with soft edges

Red-green_target #1 with softer edges

Red-green target with even softer edges

Blue-yellow_blend for cross-eye blen experiments

Blue-yellow_blend for cross-eye blend experiments

Sunburst Curly in red and green for crosseye blend experiments.

In yesterday’s blog, Fun experiments with your eyes I did a simple drawing to show some strange visual effects.

I thought it might be interesting if there were some more complex designs which might confuse the eyes or reveal something new. So I drew these reversed curly sunburst designs to test that idea. By coming to a point they have increased visual complexity.

To my eyes the bottom portion of the sunburst goes silver-red/green but the upper portions just goes weird, probably from color fatigue. I find the wiggly zones around the top spot is difficult to make go silver. The complexity of the image seems to interfere with the melding of the images. The smooth fields are easy to make go silver and become uniformity silver from side to side top to bottom.

The red-green target #1 softer image seems to be easiest to get the color blending effects because the edge doesn’t register so sharply creating an independent edge which the mind locks onto. The outer ring goes through the most extreme variations. It will change from bright red through silver and onto bright green in a second and back again. Occasionally the left side of the ring will be vivid red and the right side vivid green and sometimes the reverse. It can all change rather quickly.

What works best for me, to get the black dots to fuse, is to look cross-eyed at the blunt end of a pencil held at the base of the circle on the red-green target with even softer edges about half way to the screen and then to move it slowly towards and away from my face while thinking about the dot. When the dots from the opposite fields fuse I slowly lower the pencil out of sight while watching the dot. And then the light show begins.

Some people claim they see both red and green simultaneously but to my eyes and mind I see only red or silver or green and blends of these colors which seem like duller representations of those colors but still identifiable as red or silver or green. I don’t see red-green simultaneously but a quick transition from one color to the other. Although the outer field and the inner ring are the same colors sometimes they will be different. That is strange because they are the same colors against a same background and it would seem they ought to change at the same time but sometimes they don’t.