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Tesla is fast but it needs my charging system.

Tesla sport car goes 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds.

I proposed a much better one a year ago based on the idea that cars should plug themselves into the power grid automatically. The basic principle is simple, just drive the car onto a small platform and an automatic hookup device plugs into the car as in The electric car economy needs to be automaitc.

Chevy Volt battery powered automobile with alternate power plugs.

I made this picture showing the electrical cord dangling from the side of the Chevy Volt, which could be used in emergencies, but also shown in the picture was the automatic connecting platform under the wheel.  After the car drives onto the platform an arm rises behind the wheel and plugs into an electrical socket.

These automatic charging platforms would be installed in the car owner’s garage, at his parking lot at work and at public places like grocery store parking lots. Using this automatic method even a car with only a 40 mile range would rarely need go to a station. Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work. Presently people must go to a station about once a week but with this automatic charging system they would never go unless they were planning a long trip. Distant trips would be made by going to a “gas” station and attaching a small trailer with a large battery with over 200 miles of charge in it. Battery swap stations would be located along highways at present “gas” stations.

Battery powered cars need a quick battery change, but the ones Tesla and Volt are still showing are still using a hand plug. The driver will forget to plug in his car all too often, which will lead to a non-functioning car and cause serious user dissatisfaction.

I had a chance to speak to Michael Marks an interim CEO at Tesla, after he lectured at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley. Also I blogged about Tesla in relation to a similar problem with connecting to a power grid to  iRobot – The new creepy crawlies are not science fiction. which ends with some discussion of Tesla.

The future is here and it’s all electric.