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Ten years ago I decided to write a blog and to do one post per day for a month. I didn’t think I had thirty thoughts worth writing about because I had published in 1995 a thing called Proba-95.  There were only 15 one page articles in that document but they included Sherlock-#15 which exposed a method for discovering innumerable hoax/crimes committed by Arthur Conan Doyle. Perhaps you also have more thoughts than you think you do.

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Here are my most popular posts in 10 years and 3700 posts

Its a long tail and there are many more posts with hundreds of page views. A total of 1.73 million views at present.

A list of some of my 1000+ posts February 2011

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  2. Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle.
  3. A solar powered refrigerator would be non-polluting and free to operate.
  4. The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable.
  5. “You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid.
  6. A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths
  7. Surviving heart attacks with aspirin taken immediately.
  8. EarthArk Project — Sample Index Page
  9. Curtis Lemay — the real Doomsday prophet.
  10. How bad are the 15 Homeland Security Disasters?
  11. UNESCO — World Heritage Sites — with links.