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You will soon see more of my clever little antics. Jack the Ripper didn’t stop with murder, but, like Mark Twain said, he was opposed to murder, because he saw that it was linked to drinking, and that to smoking and that to swearing and he was again bad language. Later he moved on from his 1888 escapades to his 1923 ones which were more subtle. From killing unknown prostitutes, (with the exception of Mary Kelly, who may have been illegally married to Prince Eddie,) to destroying the careers of famous people. From childish pranks to fomenting national wars.

England’s claim to New World territory didn’t begin with our American Founding Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, it began with Francis Drake claiming the West coast of North America for England and the Queen. These claims were documented when Drake returned to England after he circumnavigated the Earth in a single voyage, which incidentally was the first time a captain of a ship had done so. Even though he was an acknowledged pirate he was welcome back, because he returned with enough loot to pay off the existing National debt. Along the coast he claimed he put up several metal marker documents so all the world would know this property belonged to England. It must have been so, because the local inhabitants agreed to the idea, no matter that the documents were written in an foreign language absolutely unknown to them. One of these was discovered on a hill overlooking San Francisco Bay in 1936. I had a party on that spot on the day of the Harmonic Convergence 16 Aug, 1987, where we celebrants buried a few artifacts ourselves, and nearby on the shore we dug a symbolic hole where a statue to Sir Francis Drake was later erected. All in good fun, because at that time I was totally unaware of Jacks proclivities.

Yesterday, on one of my occasional perusals of The Drake Plate of Brass I discovered an new and much better online photograph of the plate. I had done all of my earlier work with very inferior photographs and with viewing the Plate itself in an awkward for careful analysis cabinet then on display in the foyer of the University of California, Bancroft Library. I discovered the same pattern of clues on this plate as are in the Dear Boss – Jack the Ripper letter. There are lots of specific clues but just for starters – He puts his name at the very beginning of the document, slightly encoded. He puts his name inside of the document in plain text Sir Conan Doyle. He links the document to the exact date in the local newspaper where he is accused of faking on the front page. He signs the document again at the bottom, and a couple of other places.

Sir Francis Drake Plate of Brass

A photograph of Drake’s Plate of Brass – hoax. Click for bigger

Now with a really clear Plate to work with it should be easy for you to find all of those clues. I did and so can you, but I didn’t know they were there.

By the way – He published clues on how to find the buried plate.