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Clockwork Purple 25 Sept 2017 10:17AM

Our random prompt came from

The Nature of Reality by Aingael Rose O’Grady
Page 102 was chosen invisibly by Joanna
Line 7 was chosen invisibly by Charles

and so our randomly chosen prompt is …
“Being loving to others and most definitely to yourself.”
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What is at the core of nearly every human being’s needs? That is a question that arises in nearly every philosophical, religious and personal conversation. The philosophers are thinking in the abstract and make sweeping generalizations concerned with truth; the religious authorities make pronouncements that their followers are told to follow even if they themselves are known to be remiss in their obedience to their own words. “Do as I say, not as I do!” is often heard coming from their beard-covered faces. Why the beard? Is it to cover their smirky smile? I don’t really know, and I will give them the benefit of the doubt about their candor. But the people whom I trust the most are the ordinary folks and the very best are the kind old folks.

It is easily observed that old people can usually be divided into kind or nasty. Why the division? Their demeanor comes from a lifetime of personal experience of actually coping with their personal reality. They have created themselves out of their multitude of responses to what actually happened to them. What we see when we observe an older person reacting to events is based on their lifetime of habits for encountering similar situations. What a person does is a summation of their habitual response to their reality, and an old person has had more experience and developed more responses than young ones. That is why it makes sense to find happy old people and interact with them as much as possible so you may automatically learn how to be happy yourself.

“Being loving to others and most definitely to yourself” are words that are to be valued because at the heart of being happy is to be loving to others. That means having a habit of relating to other people as they are and not forcing your personal biases of behavior onto them. That kind behavior requires you observing them and respecting their wants and needs as they are and then you personally going a step further … helping them to survive and get what they want. Yes … to help them get what they want! Not what you want, but what they want. That is being kind! Kind to them.

Hold on, I hear everyone saying, isn’t my personal goal to most definitely be loving to myself? Shouldn’t I be taking care of myself first and when I’ve done that, and then when I am perfectly comfortable, to take whatever energy, time, money, and other personal resources are left to take care of others? “Being loving to others and most definitely to yourself” comes afterward. Me first, me first, always me first, isn’t that what got the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, all of the wealth, power and prestige he has acquired?

Okay, he’s got those things but is he happy in the moments we see him, does he appear content, is he using his privileges to help other people? And, to my point, is his personal behavior towards others and himself what any thoughtful person would want for themselves?

I would rather follow Jesus when he said “All things whatsoever you would that men should do unto you do ye even so unto them. For this is the law of the Prophets.” To my mind that means that I should treat other people better than I treat myself. That I should use my personal resources to be kind to others. Following that suggestion does have a positive effect on my habits and my relationship with people. Everyone around me is more satisfied with their situation because they have a person helping them to get what they need and want. But here is the personal reason that helping others is a very good thing to do, even before helping one’s self. Some might say it’s a selfish thing to help the other person first because a person spends far more time with themselves than any other person and if they have cultivated the habit of being kind to others first they will automatically be kind to themselves most of the time. “Being loving to others and most definitely to yourself” ultimately means to be kinder to others than you are to your self because the karma of that activity will come back to you many, many times over. When you reach old age you will find yourself living with the kindest person you have ever met … yourself.

When you reach old age you will find yourself living with the kindest person you have ever met … yourself.