I’ve been showing the progress on my new book Love Your Life to my friends to get feedback. It has been very productive of cleaning up little subtle imperfections and finding the truly novel things that need further development and amplification. For example, my writer’s group members were challenging the science behind my assertions. To which I replied that this book wasn’t discussing the scientific experiments and laying out statistical proofs of what things worked and what didn’t work. There are many diet books that give a superabundance of those kinds of arguments. The strange thing is that the science seems to prove contradictory things depending on which data the author chooses to emphasize.

Another complaint was that the book didn’t concern other problems such as alcohol, drug addictions, and adverse childhood experiences. They thought these problems were too deep to be affected by the simple ideas being presented in the spread. If dedicated groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, the Betty Ford Clinic, Adverse Childhood Experiences remedial groups and federal government programs can’t cope with those problems, how can I hope to even influence them in a tiny way?

Love Your Life is based on a simple idea that a person can control their future behavior by practicing some simple mental exercises now. Even while scanning the book in a store, a person is encouraged to practice the exercises. If a person does that even a single time, it is likely to influence their behavior when they encounter the situation discussed in the spread. The book uses diet as the basic frame on which to build a whole system of personal control. It will bring into a few page spreads as many of my personal discoveries as possible. The language is going to be designed to be easily accessible to everyone and to be easily translated into other languages. Jerry liked the idea of each spread having a couple of bullet point ideas. The spreads I already have are condensed thoughts, but by bolding a few key phrases each spread will become even more eye- and mind-catching.

Where will this whole project be in a few months or a few years?