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Yesterday I picked up FORTUNE magazine and on the new-style cover, there is an abstract view of a human head transitioning into a computer. There is a subtitle – Artificial Intelligence – How the race to create a true thinking machine will reshape business. The pages from 62 to 91 are filled with THE QUEST FOR HUMAN-LEVEL A.I.  and the headline on page 64 is A.I. IS LEARNING (WAY, WAY) FASTER, than humans can.

There are four companies on the leading edge of A.I..

OPENAI – whose mission is to create AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that “benefits all of humanity.”

DEEPMIND – bought by Google – “solve intelligence, then use that to solve everything else.”

GOOGLE BRAIN – that has led to big breakthroughs in natural-language processing.

FACEBOOK A.I. RESEARCH – (FAIR) has the goal of creating human-like A.I. for detecting A.I.-generated “deepfake” videos.

FORTUNE claims $50 billion will be spent on A.I. in the next three years and will add $13 trillion to the world economic output by 2030.

None of the articles I read mentioned what I have been stating in this blog. We are headed toward the creation of self-replicating intelligent non-carbon chip-based beings. When they gain the ability to self-replicate, they will evolve to fill every available niche to “live” their lives. The only food they need to power their life processes is electricity, and there are many ways for them to create electricity without crowding in on our human infrastructure for creating our food.

In the long run in human terms, these beings will be with us very soon, but in the long run for them, it will just be the beginning of their converting the whole available Universe into a thinking being. That version of life will last until there is no longer any way to create their food … electricity. The basis of all living forms is food!

As IT looks back from the omnipresent places where it will exist at our exhausted Sun IT will thank us, Earthlings, for bringing IT into existence.

We, humans, are a transition species, and our responsibility as thinking beings is to create the self-replicating units needed for IT, the thinking Universe.