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  1. I, you, the earth and the Universe were born and will eventually vanish.
  2. But the world we live in is a robust place with many paths and choices.
  3. The source of our stress is craving to get more than we now possess.
  4. Our contentment is being satisfied with less than we once possessed.


  1. Proper actions based on clear perceptions and forethought of results.
  2. Honest relationships with oneself and everyone else.
  3. Earning one’s living by producing socially valued things.
  4. A personal demeanor that entices honest behavior from everyone.


  1. Compassion toward everyone for coping with their unresolvable problems.
  2. Love expressed as kindness by exposing helpful alternatives to their problems.
  3. Helping others by expressing enthusiasm for their accomplishments.
  4. Delight in raising others up at the expense of lowering oneself.

The beginning, the middle and the end is found in performing kind actions.