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Why do you laugh, yawn, hiccup, cry, cough, sneeze, vomit, tickle, itch, fart, belch and do some other strange things? These are the questions that Robert Provine delves into with his book, Curious Behavior. This is a general interest book written by a hands-on working social research scientist. He has personally done much of the research he writes about, and much of it probably unfunded by grants; after all who would provide a grant to study farting? As Provine says it certainly wouldn’t get a Nobel prize, and would be more likely to get an Ig Nobel one. That granted, he does study subjects that are worth observing more carefully, and he provides an entertaining 220 pages of properly researched and analyzed information. This book is science presented to the public in a more palatable form than your typical scientific journal.

Read Curious Behavior and you will have a new and better relationship with your body and everyone else’s.