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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I have a blog called MendoCoastCurrent that I believe you may find interesting (http://MendoCoastCurrent.wordpress.com).

    I have been searching for funding for a Cleantech R&E Center off the Mendocino coast and would like Dan Riecher’s email address that you mentioned in your article. (FYI, I will NOT broadcast his email.) I am wishing to go to Google.org direct as I know he’s the best guy to approach with my business plan.

    It would be great if you could share this with me by emailing it to laurelkrause “at” gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance for your generosity (I will NOT say where I got his email!).



  2. reza kazemi said:

    hi . my name is reza . i need the plan of gas refrigerator for make in shopwork

  3. reza kazemi said:

    hi . my name is reza . i need the plan of gas refrigerator for make in shopwork .
    my e-mail (r.kazemi.d@gmail.com or r_kazemi67@yahoo.com)

  4. An earlier edition of Probway featured bibliographies and full names of each individual author. FOR REPLY ( PINGBACK ) ==—–> Is there at present instead an author indes ?? If so what is URL of author index ? Did Probway earlier present year 2011 repost all articles to omit biographies and names of authors because of request(s) by one or more of actual contributors ?

  5. warren smith said:


    In resonance with the historic march in Washington in 1963 when Martin Luther King gave his “I have a Dream” speech, a similar event should take place in this year, 2012, on August 8th – picking up where they left off (“We have a dream”). If done correctly this would be a formidable symbolic manifestation of the global Occupy movement. This event at this monument is to express the idea that the Occupy movement is simply a continuation of the social justice aspect of the civil rights movement. We think that this new movement might better be expressed as the Social Justice Movement of the 21st century. For this movement to succeed, we need inspired organizers and those who can eloquently express the ideas and ideals of social justice, in a world dominated by a deceptive economic system that has no provision for social justice at all.

    Jean Paul Schweitzer

    Warren Smith

  6. interesting

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