Today’s Covid death count for Americans reached 100,572. It bothers me because I have devoted a lot of my time to trying to create ways to save some of those people. My simple method of washing one’s face with a normally dilute solution of sudsy Baby Shampoo has been overwhelmed for any sensible coverage in public media by talk of crazy people chugging Tide laundry capsules. And by our President being accused of asking people to shoot disinfectants like Clorox into their veins.

I only ask that people wash their hands and face and while they have sudsy water on their face to sniff a few drops into their nose. That small amount would kill a lot of Covid viruses still sitting there but not yet burrowed into the flesh of the sinus membranes. I and a few of my friends are doing this procedure without any ill effects.

The distribution of vaccines is still a year away because they must be tested for safety before being given to the public, but you can wash your face right now because it has been proven safe to do by millions of babies. The dosage I recommend is 5 drops of Baby Shampoo per liter of pure water. That dilution probably won’t kill every Covid virus, but it will kill many of them. The goal is to reduce the viral load to where the infection is mild. Also, washing the sinuses with soap will kill the viruses exiting from the mucus membranes there and prevent them from going into the lungs. It is there that they reproduce and kill their host.

What is recommended by the establishment is a frequent and thorough washing of the hands, but the virus doesn’t infect you in your hands, it infects you in the opening on your face. Primarily it enters your mucus membranes in your nose. So the obvious thing to do is wash the inside of your nose.

I feel anxious because 100,572 Americans have died needlessly, and 352,225 in the world. Many people would be alive if only the media didn’t thrive on absurd reporting at the expense of helpful information.

The worst is yet to come because there are still over seven billion people who haven’t been infected … yet!