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Covid is a potentially deadly disease, but if it is limited to the sinuses it is like a common head cold and clears up in two weeks. Sometimes the symptoms are so mild the person doesn’t realize they are sick.

The real problem occurs when a person with a Covid sinus infection inhales some sinus mucus and it gets into their lungs. This inhaling of sinus mucus becomes a greater problem as a person ages past sixty and their muscles grow weaker and their flesh saggier.

The epiglottis flap at the back of old people’s mouths lets saliva and post-nasal drip get past the closure to the trachea and the viruses move on into their lungs. The Covid viruses have evolved a way of penetrating the cell walls of mucus membranes where they co-opt the living cell’s processes to reproduce more Covid virus particles. The Covid virus is really only alive while it is in other beings’ living cells. To be alive means to be metabolizing energy and reproducing, neither of which it does while outside of other beings’ living cells. Coronavirus particles exist on doorknobs and on hands and in human sinuses, but they don’t begin living until they penetrate a cell wall, and that usually happens first in the sinuses.

Soap kills exposed viruses and that is why I have been promoting any mild soap, and baby shampoo in particular, to wash your face every day and sniff a little of the sudsy water into your nose.

I have been writing this message in various ways trying to find a way of saying it that will make sense to people. There may be a time, say about two years from now, when nearly everyone has been vaccinated against Covid, but before that time there will be millions of people who develop a serious sickness and already there have been 334,000 deaths attributed to Covid.

It is my opinion that if everyone was using my face washing technique and wearing my high-efficiency face mask, the infection rate would drop greatly, and there would be far fewer deaths by the time the vaccines became available. What I propose could become widely known and used within a few weeks if the media would promote the simple ideas proposed in this blog. But instead, the comics have a wonderful time making money out of their silly comedy routines ridiculing the people who are trying to end this pandemic.