My two major swings at the Covid problem are 1st, developing methods for washing the mucus membranes exposed to the outside world to clear away exposed viruses, and 2nd, working on a seeming infinity of mediocre variations for a more effective face mask for filtering and destroying the viruses. In both efforts, some progress has been made.

The goal of both of those experimental searches and procedural developments is to create easily available personal methods that can be adapted to subdue the Covid pandemic, anywhere in the world. Also, I have been creating charts that give a direction that the Covid is going, so an effective response can be created. 

I would hope that every person in the world would be working on similar projects, but when going downtown this afternoon to drop off my ballot in the local election I was shocked at the lack of public compliance with recommended behavior. Only about ten percent of people outdoors were wearing face masks, and when passing by an outside patio-bar there were a dozen people having a raucous party. They were totally without any sign of personal protection.

Our county has gone from its first case in mid-March to over one hundred today. That’s explosive growth even in a town where most people have willingly been housebound. The people out on the street are the non-compliant ones. A better sample of general public behavior might be in the grocery store where a few days ago the mask compliance was about ninety percent. If Covid keeps exploding at the current rate we will approach a hundred percent infection in eight weeks. That probably won’t happen because the compliant will survive a little better.

In 1960 I was seriously considering moving to New Zealand and convinced a couple of my friends that it was a good idea, and they went. I’ve lost track of them long ago, but what impresses me about the few people I’ve encountered from there is their responsible behavior.

I lived most of my life in Berkeley, California, close to the UC campus and the publicly seemingly wild actions that were happening there, but they were wild actions for very rational purposes. We were mostly successful in doing our part in guiding national policy, and world policy too.

There are a lot of great people here in the US and great opportunities to do wonderful things, but there are also opportunities that are readily available to be irresponsible and do totally irresponsible things, and many people are now choosing those paths. Even with great leadership, the US would be and will be in serious trouble.

We will survive but it will be a black year in our history.