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Take good care of yourself! Listen to “Button up your overcoat.”  It’s almost as old as the 1920 flu, but it may cheer you up in this time when 2020’s flu is challenging us.

Below is my biweekly update on the COVID-19, now simply called Covid by some people on TV. It is the same chart I’ve used for several months, but the new orange lines are projections that are now being added. At the top there is a one-month case projection, overlapping a two-week case projection. Each takes a data point of that period of time past the present data point and does a straight line pivot into the future by an equal amount. This is legitimate because when dealing with very large numbers and only modestly effective methods of changing their trend, the modest projection in time won’t be far off of the future reality.

Covid update for May 15, 2020, adding orange projections of near-future trends of the disease.

The disease scientists are predicting a grim Winter 2020 because the effective measures are not being supported by our governmental authorities.