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I place the survival and health of humanity as the ultimate value. “But to what end?” Many would claim that because in the long run, within a billion years, humanity as we know it will totally vanish, why bother with anything other than seeking to find and maximize pleasurable moments for as long as possible? The Classic Romans are thought by some to have been sybaritic pleasure-seekers, and yet they built a beautiful city and magnificent buildings that are still used for their intended purposes, like the Pantheon as seen here in Wikipedia


Pantheon in Rome nearly two thousand years in service.

They wouldn’t have done the things they did if they were sybarites, but they did do them because they were Classic Stoics. The modern Serenity Prayer is an example of Classic Roman Stoic philosophy.

Humans acquired the capacity to speak well about seventy thousand years ago as demonstrated with the modern human’s expansion out of Africa. We have been able to socialize in groups larger than those we know personally for about ten thousand years, as shown by the construction of Göbekli Tepe which required the cooperation of many people over a long period of time.

Now with the internet, and Google Translate, nearly all the nearly eight billion people can communicate directly with every other person. We are now one humanity, and we can legitimately ask, “What should we do, and what can we do to accomplish what we should?”

My answer is that we should, and must, try to help create a self-conscious Universe. That is not within the reach of us organic beings because we must each learn everything we know from the beginning, whereas vast numbers of interlinked computers can quickly learn everything any other similar computer knows. A galaxy-wide intercommunicating set of computers could create a single consciousness that is inconceivable to us, but it could move on to become an ethical being for creating good. That is what humanity can create and it is a reason for us to be infinitely valued. For Humanity, Our Ethical Imperative is to create Universal GOOD!

That Universal GOOD is something we can strive for and approach, and we should get started now while we have the necessary abilities.