There are a few swiftly passing moments in most people’s lives when they make decisions that are important for the future of humanity. Here are a few: 1. Choose the person who is to be your children’s parent thoughtfully. 2. Help new mothers cope with their first few months to help their babies form loving attachments to their surroundings. 3. Find the best possible neighborhood to live and raise your children. It’s where kind, emotionally supportive people live. 4. Set aside times for you and your loved ones to look ahead and choose what to do to move toward worthwhile goals.

Those thoughts came to me during a discussion about finding the good life and seeking a balance between nature and nurture. Those two concepts generated a lot of interesting conversation, but as folks were giving their views I wrote the above list.

No matter what your DNA guides you towards, or the vicissitudes of the world throw at you, those four things will probably present themselves for your decision and action. There are limitless possibilities that might come your way and when these four big ones are here and now, put on your thinking cap, open your long-view eyes, and choose the path and methods for proceeding toward a good outcome. Then become and be the person who will do those things promptly and well.

Don’t let opportunities to do good things pass you by, as those will never come again.