I just got an email from YouTube saying my video on cleansing sinuses with Hibiclens, Povidone-Iodine or Benzethonium Chloride is being removed. And, implying in legalese style that if I posted similar videos to my site on YouTube my access there would be canceled.

My last YouTube post is, or was at:

If they are complaining about one drop of Povidone-Iodine in a liter of distilled water, they are going to be disturbed over inhaling iodine vapor, even if it is in an extremely low concentration.

Since I was informed of the power of iodine vapor, I have been working on various designs for putting “parts per billion” of iodine into the filtered inhaled air of my multi-chambered flapper valve controlled 1.75-liter plastic bottle based face-mask.

My idea from the beginning has been to design a mask that can be easily made by anyone from scrap, or nearly scrap, materials. I have several working designs, but I am still finding subtle refinements, so I hesitate to publish a model for a few more days.

My “friends” have been telling me that if I do publish I will soon have lawsuits coming at me from all over the world. And yet, there is a reasonable possibility that the things I am proposing will work if people are given the opportunity to test them.

COVID isn’t going to miraculously vanish, because few countries can do what China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand have done to prevent its occurrence within their jurisdictions. I love and respect my country and have fought for the freedoms we have in this country, but…

At the moment we are being controlled by our worst instincts.