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When I am doing what feels like important things, time flies by so fast it seems like little was accomplished. When I’m watching TV and accomplishing absolutely nothing, time crawls. Perhaps some of the nihilistically inclined philosophers would, therefore, suggest that to maximize my life I should devote my life to infinitely worthless things and avoid doing anything helpful to anyone and revile personal accomplishment.

But what is worth accomplishing? The positively inclined wise ones would claim that to help humanity live and live more abundantly will maximize our total value and that of humanity. Or, was Adam Smith closer to the ideal when he claimed that seeking our own self-interest enhances the self-interest of our whole social order, and thus of all humanity? But at the moment our species has been so successful at exploiting the natural world that we have become a curse to all other species. Is my helping my species to thrive just a shortcut to destroying the planet for the rest of the greater “us”?

But that is what brings one’s life to a dead STOP. Helping our species creates a self-annihilation and our time flies by so quickly that we as individuals lived no life at all. When we do kind deeds, have given we our lives away to other humans for FREE and violated Adam Smith’s prime directive? Perhaps Pangloss was right, in that all life is a struggle but the struggle in the garden is the most pleasant.

My day began and ended in my garden and was interspersed all day with attempts to save humanity from itself in general and COVID in particular.