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Other than fiddle all day trying to improve on my design for a highly effective and almost FREE facial air filter, nothing much happened. Except, the rhubarb has been growing furiously for the last month and today we harvested some of it and used it to make chutney. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! Last spring I discovered the rhubarb growing in front of our house, and being harvested by our neighbors for their purposes, makes fantastic chutney. I quickly became addicted to using it on my toast in the morning, and when the few jars of it were gone we tried making chutney using other stuff like cranberries, apples, raisins, and they were very good tasting, but nothing compared to rhubarb chutney. So, after storing four bottles, I licked the pot like a kid. It was like my first smell of coffee from a vacuum-packed can being opened by my mom when I was about a year old. That was is one of my first memories of life on this planet. A profound experience! And now it’s rhubarb chutney.

So far most of the response I get from talking about using one drop of Baby Shampoo in a quart of water to cleanse the sinuses of COVID consists in nothing but ridicule. There are two exceptions, and one of these exceptions is a retired medical doctor who has been doing it for about two weeks without any problem. On checking the internet it appears that about three thousand people a day are now being reported as dying of COVID. I am not in a position to know the accuracy of those figures, so I accept them as stated, and have decided to only update my logarithmic chart once every five days. It takes a lot of routine fussing to make a new chart, and why bother when the situation is so obvious and no one, other than the “scientists” are being respected for their efforts to find effective cures. That’s about 7,777,000,000 people whose ideas are being ignored, including, yours truly.

My life is just fine and along with Voltaire’s Doctor Pangloss, I am enjoying my garden.