Doing creative work is different from other kinds of work. With most kinds of work we know exactly what we are trying to accomplish. When I was a kid it was mowing the lawn, or milking the cow, or slopping the pigs. The tasks were clear and the enjoyment was to be had by people in the not distant future, and in the case of cows the relief for them of having an udder full of milk released. And, for a kid slopping the hogs, it was as delightful for me watching the hogs eat as it was for the hogs eating the slop.

Creative work is different because if it is really creative it has never been done before. It is a voyage over the horizon into a new concept of reality. In my case the problem is to make a near-free breathing mask that really works. There are lots of masks being made for breathing while in a possibly Covid-laced atmosphere, but all of them I’ve encountered have obvious flaws. The obvious flaw on most of them is the two-way passage of air through the filter. Air goes through the filters both ways, and air goes around the edges both ways; warm moist air comes up over the wearer’s glasses, fogging them. Also, the commercially designed and manufactured face masks have been in short supply when we really have needed them. And, of course, wearing them is uncomfortable and interferes with communication. Also, for me at least, they are aesthetically boring.

Anyway, I have made many tiny improvements that cost very little money and can be easily made at home. Tiny little things often make a real difference.