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Many, perhaps most people believe the prime value is self-preservation and will kill others of their species to defend themselves. This is often expanded to defending their children and other members of their family. In military combat situations, the self is expanded to include their local group and many have knowingly given their own lives so their group members could live. There are many nuances to what our species will ultimately do with their lives. And yet, many healthy humans commit suicide. What was their ultimate value? It varies, obviously.

It appears that many countries and nationalities, perhaps it’s a human trait, have the goal of expanding their kind to encompass all of the available resources of the world. Presently an outside observer would observe that humanity has been astonishingly successful at propagating its species for the last few hundred years.

At one time or another, I too have probably fallen into these categories, but at present, at age 84 1/2, it feels better to just accept the ways of the world. But people who know me would probably disagree with that assessment and would claim that I follow my own self-chosen path. That amuses some and annoys many, but I am ultimately trying to enhance my whole species’ experience in this world. I do many things with the goal of active kindness. That’s not talking about being kind, which to most people seems to mean nothing more than feeling good thoughts about others and being nice to them. It is a feel-good strategy that is self-centered.

A totally different strategy appeals to me these last few years, and that is to help the Universe to become self-conscious with the goal of self-actualizing its potentials. We are the growing edge of this possibility at this time and place, but it requires setting up a method of evolving intelligence on the billion-year time scale. That is impossible for an organic species, such as ourselves, but it may well be within our technical capacity to create such an ongoing and evolving system. We are already creating evolving systems that have some sentience, as shown by Google’s ability to predict things that I am searching for. This is an evolving capacity, and it is impossible for me at this moment to guess where it might progress to in another year or two, let alone a billion years.

The Ultimate goal of intelligence, experience, is to bring wisdom into existence which has the ability to predict probable future events and preadapt to them.