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Doing something you think is important and worth doing constitutes a good life. We, or at least I, feel that I would like something I do to last longer than my consciousness and my physical existence.

It appears that many people are enamored of their children and grandchildren for the realization that something important that they did will live after them. There is the realization that whatever it is that they do won’t last forever, but that it will last long enough for them to be remembered. That is the personal wisdom of our being, and the knowledge that our personal experience brings to us, but for many people, it isn’t enough.

Many people I know have a personal conviction, based wholly on hope alone, that they have a personal spirit that exists outside their current physical and psychological existence, and that that spirit being isn’t temporary, but will last forever. Therefore, they can do things that this spirit being approves of and thus when this current physical existence dies and rots away, they will be living forever with and within a greater and grander being.

I know several people who can rant rapturously on this subject. They believe, they know with absolute conviction that they are right, and therefore will live forever in perfect bliss. All they must do in this life is to please their spirit self and endure the difficulties of this existence. I am more comfortable living in this world with the realization that it is temporary, and that if I want something done that I and I alone can do, that is what I should be doing. That is a good life, for me.

That is the difference between relative knowledge based on testable experience and absolute belief created from untestable hopes.