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Note the apparent rollover of the World caseload of Covid, but the absolute numbers are growing rapidly.

The USA and the Western-oriented countries have endured the worst of the Covid so far and China, the source of this pandemic disease, hasn’t suffered much. According to World O Meters, the population of China is 1,438,367,127, and its current loss due to Covid is 4,633. A quick division of those two numbers means that 1 person in 312,688 has died in the last half-year of Covid. It is doubtful if that loss comes close to the devastation that is being wreaked on the other countries of the world. Also, the Chinese economy is now as fit as ever, and the economy of the rest of the world is in chaos, and will soon be in shambles. China has been doing extremely well economically for a couple of decades now and will now surge ahead explosively because of the Covid pandemic.

Americans of my age cohort had a wonderful ride and will fade away with a glow, but my Probaway Person of the Year 2016 will be known historically not only as the founder of a new Chinese dynasty but as the founder of a new world order.

The twentieth century was America’s, the twenty-first century is already China’s.