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I look acutely pained at the thought of snorting this baby shampoo, but as it turned out there were no problems and only a slight discomfort to the procedure. My original choice for nasal cleansing with a strength needed to kill Covid viruses was HIBICLENS and I believe that will function.

My experience snorting the hand soaps Dove and Ivory was strange because they made me feel slightly off-kilter. I was taking what I thought was a highly dilute solution, but all the same, they didn’t please me. My experiments with generic Baby Shampoo at a dilution of one drop per 200 milliliters of distilled water seemed to feel okay, and it maintained its foamy qualities for hours after being shaken. I think the foaminess is an indicator of its virus-killing ability.

The only real test of the effectiveness of this technique of washing the nose and sinuses is lots of longitudinal double-blind tests. But, I’m not in a position to conduct those kinds of tests so, at this point in time, the best I can do is show you exactly what I am doing and get some feedback on if it appears to kill the Covid disease.

As of this moment, 206,915 deaths from Covid and that’s is just eleven days to double from April 15 when there were 105,979. That’s from those listed by World O Meters. Perhaps killing the viruses in these people’s sinuses would have been their choice if they were aware of this technique. My suspicion is that many would have given it a try if they only heard of it.

The medical establishment claims they don’t have a cure for Covid, and I would say, the nasal cleansing isn’t a cure it is a preventative measure for not catching the disease, or spreading it.