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The logarithmic curves are showing a slight rollover.

The rollover is probably real and will continue, but that doesn’t mean the suffering will roll over. The absolute numbers of people encountering the Covid form of sickness and death will continue increasing until everyone has developed an immunity to this form of the disease. The 1918-20 flu didn’t die out, it mutated some and is still with us, but we have developed resistance to it, and if we are healthy don’t die. The ideal way to cope with Covid-19 is to avoid getting it until a vaccine is available and then possibly get a very mild form of the disease and develop some immunity. Sigh, if only we were in control of our fate, and our exposure to the disease, that would seem sound advice.

My way of struggling with problems is to try to see them clearly and then confront them in a way that appears to be appropriate. I still think nasal cleansing with a virus-killing soap is a viable option, and I am checking out some milder soaps, and some milder ways of presenting the method. A slogan like, “Wash your hands, face, and nose three times per day.” That sounds mild enough to avoid the yuck factor. Today, on one of our two daily walks, Debbie and I encountered a professional nurse on her daily walk. She was expressing annoyance at her work routine, but what caught my ear was that she had washed her face earlier today with Dove soap and inadvertently got some in her nose. Without my prompting, she said that it was a distinctly unpleasant experience. I’ve been doing the Dove experiment every day now and have concluded that it is not the product to use. Hibiclens is much milder. Over the next few days, I will be experimenting with baby shampoo and Ivory soap. A solution of soap that is strong enough to kill the Covid virus in the sinuses but able to be tolerated without discomfort must be discovered. If there exists such a way I hope to discover it, and soon.

Today, I spent most of my “creative time” trying to design a workable respirator out of a 1.75 liter PETE water bottle. The goal is to provide people in distant lands with a homemade device that is as effective as the N95 face masks now being preferred in our hospitals. It is made totally of cast-off type of materials, except for adhesives to hold it all together. I’ll find something tomorrow.

A happy life is one where we spend our time doing something we feel is significant.