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As I write this post, 165,073 is the current total Covid death count. Yesterday’s logarithmic graph points towards 300,000 deaths by May 1st.

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” is the universal call for “Help! I am in deadly peril!” I hope that graph is totally wrong! Italy appears to be making a rollover of its curve, but the USA’s curve, even with its national stay at home policy, is getting worse.

Earlier today, I delivered a five-minute monologue to a small group on the reasons that Dove soap would slow the development of Covid. Unfortunately, I think I created more resistance to the idea than agreement.

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

Along with my Darwin Award, I think I should receive a World’s Worst Salesman Award. If there isn’t one I think there is an opportunity for someone to write a book on the subject. If ever there was an obvious way to save perhaps a billion human lives, surely this sinus cleansing is a possibility.

And yet, I feel that I’m being treated like a lunatic when I talk about the possibility of disinfecting the phlegm in one’s nose with soap suds. A simple expulsion of snot would clear away even more of them loosened with the soap. Everyone seems to agree that soap suds will kill the virus on the hands, but they hit a wall of disbelief that it would kill the same virus when inside the nose.

Alas! Will it be another 5,000 needless deaths tomorrow?