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This video demonstrates how to create a dilute solution of Dove soap by scraping a small portion from a fresh bar and mixing it into distilled water. Then a spoonful of the solution is poured into the open hand to snort into the nose and sinuses. The expectation is that this soap will kill viruses in the nose as it has always killed them when washing one’s hands.

The New York Times published Why Soap Works by March 13, 2020. It’s about how soap kills viruses, including COVID-19, when used to wash the hands. That excellent article was published just before the great dying in that densely packed metropolis. If only the author had suggested using the soap in the way I am suggesting here, I suspect that thousands of New York citizens would be alive today.

I was searching for a soap that would be effective and safe and thought that Hibiclens was perfect because it had been used for four decades by surgeons before operations. I had a bottle of this soap because of a hernia surgery a year ago and thus it was easy to create a video using that “soap”. Then I did some more experiments with other surgical antiseptics where I snorted various concentrations trying to discover a level that could be tolerated by my sinuses.

Then living with a professional research librarian really paid off when I asked her to do a search on bodily cleansers and COVID-19. She soon directed me to the “Why Soap Works” article, and I think this may be the real solution to killing the COVID-19 pandemic. Also it provides a method for creating personal immunity to this disease and other similar diseases in the future, by flushing the sinuses soon after the disease is presenting symptoms.

Soap has been used by humans for two millennia and I wonder why this nasal cleansing hasn’t been noticed before.