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Twenty million deaths by the logarithmic projection from yesterday. That is the simple projection based on continuing the previous straight line of the data for an equal amount of time. You can look for yourself at the chart, and check for yourself from the data sources and you will get the same results.

The COVID-19 facts are based on WHO data, via Worldometers. Click the image to make it bigger. Again.

The authorities are claiming there will be a rollover of the casualties because of the public lockdowns and social distancing. That will help to flatten the curve a little and stretch the disease out some, but they don’t claim that it will prevent many infections. Also, they hope, with warmer summer weather, the transmission rate of COVID-19 will drop, just like it does with the common cold, but that’s overly hopeful speculation because the disease has been doing just fine in Australia during their summer months.

More reasonable hope is that the all-out efforts to create a vaccine will be successful. Supposedly there are some promising lab results, but that isn’t a workable vaccine. Not yet!

I have been promoting nasal washing with a dilute solution of surgeons’ soap to kill the viruses, but so far have received nothing but ridicule. I wonder if the 120 thousand recently living but now dead people would at least choose to give my suggestion a try if the media would at least discuss it as an option.

In the meantime, in-between time, when we all shall die let’s all have fun.