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Of the nearly eight billion people on planet Earth, there are approximately 1.5 doctors per thousand people. That’s very approximately 140 million doctors. Only one doctor, of this huge community, is needed to test this method of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The question that he would ask his incoming patients is,

“Are you willing to perform a simple and safe experiment of cleansing your nose three times a day with this very mild antiviral solution that I will give you? This is intended to wash away the COVID-19 viruses from inside your nose and thus prevent the disease from spreading to your lungs when you inhale and to save other people from getting the disease when you cough.”

If the patients’ disease is in the sinuses and mild, as most are, this cleansing will help prevent it from getting worse by inhibiting the mucus in the nose from getting into their lungs. We need doctors to give this cleansing solution and to do a followup to verify adherence and thus to compare the effectiveness of the cleansing. Also, the given solution could be varied in strength to discover the minimum amount that is effective at killing COVID-19 and the maximum amount that is tolerated by the patients. Once this is verified to work, it could instantly be sent online to every doctor in the world, and end the pandemic.

One drop of HIBICLENS or one drop of Povidone-iodine in a liter of clean water will be a starting solution. I have personally snorted these solutions from the flat of my hand without any problem. However, I don’t know if these dilute solutions of known virus-killing agents are sufficient to kill COVID-19, and that is why I am asking doctors in practice around the world to give this concentration a try. If it works, this will bring the pandemic to an end, and if it needs a stronger solution that too will soon be discovered. It is acknowledged that the present treatments are only palliative, to treat the symptoms, and not a cure. This cleansing of the nasal passages might work where all other treatments have failed. Ultimately, millions of people’s lives might be saved by using this nose cleansing method.

This cleansing treatment doesn’t kill the viruses in the flesh of the nose, but it does prevent the viruses from moving into the lungs where they are deadly. Limiting COVID-19 to the nose for a week or two will probably convey lifelong immunity to that disease.

Be cautious in the level of dosage given, as these cleansing agents are probably dangerous in the nose at less than 90% dilution.  The starting dilution I recommend is one drop per liter, and that is about a 5000 to 1 dilution. Watch the video for a demonstration of testing the snorting of various concentrations of possible sinus-cleansing solutions.

Legal disclaimer – This is an experimental procedure and you alone are responsible for your actions.

(Update – This vido was taken down by YouTube because it appeared to recommend a dangerous procedure. One drop of a standard medical soap Hibiclens in a liter of water doesn’t appear dangerous to me and I proved it by snorting a palm full of this dilution to cleans my sinus of Covid. That is about a 5000 to 1 dilution, and I didn’t have the slightest effects. But, I never contested their ruling and had already posted a video me snorting a similar dilution of Baby Shampoo, so far they haven’t complained about that. If babies can snort it and drink it why not adults.)

The point is to kill the COVID-19 viruses and not the people.