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Social isolation and cleaning our hands is not enough to STOP the novel coronavirus from ultimately infecting nearly everyone. Like the common cold, it will probably become a background disease that recurs occasionally. Like the cold, it is primarily in the sinuses, throat, and lungs but it brings on a fever throughout the body. Usually, the disease is caught from the spray of droplets from another person’s cough or sneeze, or from touching a contaminated surface like a doorknob and then one’s nose, eyelids, or mouth.

All the world knows those things well enough but none or few can prevent the disease from happening to them personally. What is obvious is that we need to wash our hands but even more important we need to wash our sinuses and throats, because that is where colds and COVID-19 grow. COVID-19 virus doesn’t grow on the hands or doorknobs, it only survives there. It is in the sinuses that it grows, and from there sneezed droplets fly out and infect other people. And it is from the sinuses that infected postnasal drip enters a person’s throat and lungs and a life-threatening disease develops.

We need to eliminate the novel coronavirus from our sinus. Some of the disease process will be growing in the flesh of our sinus, and this virus will require presently non-existing drugs and vaccines to destroy them. Maybe we will have effective drugs next year, and maybe not but the COVID-19 disease is here now and killing people.

But the viruses that are the worst problem are not the ones that are already embedded in the sinuses. The problem is the viruses that are moving out of the sinuses and into people’s lives, and the viruses post-nasal dripping out of the sinuses and into the infected person’s lungs. When these viruses are external to the body, even in the nose, they can be killed with handwashing soaps and detergents. We know this to be true because they are routinely killed by people washing their hands. The obvious solution for getting rid of COVID-19 viruses in one’s sinuses is to wash those sinuses and kill the viruses when they are outside of the flesh and exposed to the outside world.

I have been experimenting with different methods for washing my sinuses with a very mild dilution of the detergent HIBICLENS. It is available over the counter or on the web. It is safe and effective and has been used by surgeons at full strength, washing it off with water, before they do open surgery operations.

A comfortable sinus wash can be created by mixing one drop of Hibiclens into 200 milliliters of distilled water. That equals 1 to 3084 dilutions. At this level of dilution, the water still holds a foam when shaken in a bottle, and that shows that it has enough surface tension to rip apart COVID-19 and kill it. When sniffed into the nose and snorted back and forth in the sinuses for a few seconds it will probably kill the COVID-19. Doing this procedure when irritation is already occurring will inhibit the disease from spreading further. Doing the procedure when exposed to another person with the disease will probably prevent you from succumbing to it.

“Chlorhexidine, the active ingredient in Hibiclens, is a broad-spectrum antiseptic skin cleanser that is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast. Washing with chlorhexidine kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane.”

“Hibiclens is a 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) solution for patient cleansing and skin antisepsis which has been trusted by hospitals and healthcare professionals for more than 40 years.” https://hibiclens.com/healthcare/

The method suggested for the sinuses for using Hibiclens is very different from the usual rubbing full-strength solution onto the wet skin and then applying water to work up a lather. The recommended usages for Hibiclens at full strength are all external. The eyes and ears are to be avoided at that concentration of Hibiclens or blindness may occur, or deafness.

The plea to brewers and bottlers and others dealing with large numbers of bottled liquids is to supply your public with small bottles of water with a single drop of Hibiclens mixed in. This may save some of your customer’s lives and benefit you for your public service.

If this method of cleaning the sinuses works to kill COVID-19, the current pandemic will soon come to an end and your popularity and business will thrive.