Here are this evening’s facts from Worldometers and my graphics which include logarithmic projections for the world cases and world deaths. The projections are simply picking a well-documented date of data and drawing a line through it to a more recent well-documented date of data, and then doing a straight line doubling of that line. Except for China, the projected line, shown in dashed dark yellow, has proven to be a good prediction. China imposed draconian restrictions on the localities infected with the COVID-19 disease, and they were successful in largely eliminating it. See the chart below for lots more details and the surprising explosion of the disease in the United States. It has already surpassed China and hasn’t been contained. Perhaps the current policies of keeping people at home will work. I think my plan to suppress the disease with dilute nasal washes of the surgeon’s hand washes will help.

We people of earth are in for a memorable year 2020. With 20 20 vision, some of the grief could have been prevented.