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This post is a retest of the dilution of Hibiclens in distilled water. The new wider boundaries explored are at 10 drops per 200 milliliters of distilled water through 1/1000 of a drop per 200 milliliters of water. The 10 drops density of Hibiclens gives a much foamier solution than 1 drop per 200 ml, but the 1/1000 drop solution still briefly gives a visible amount of foam. I have tested the denser solution in my sinus and haven’t felt any burning or other more unpleasant feelings than getting pure water in my nasal passages. I suspect that others will have a similar response to Hibiclens, although there may be people who are allergic to this chemical, or who develop an allergy to it after a few uses.

It would appear that the middle dosage of one drop of Hibiclens per 200 milliliters will be well tolerated by most people and because it will probably disable if not kill the coronavirus it will be a great benefit to them. Also, 200 milliliters of the solution is a quantity that will last through the inflammatory portion of a sinus infection.

Using this solution several times per day during the pandemic would be a reasonable preventative. You may encounter other people who may be carrying the coronavirus without showing symptoms. Rinsing the nasal passages with dilute Hibiclens when entering or leaving public places like elevators or transit vehicles would impede the disease.

Sniffing the suggested solution may help prevent you from catching coronavirus and help prevent you from spreading the disease if you are a carrier.

Here is a video I made this afternoon demonstrating why I think one drop of Hibiclens per 200 milliliters is about the right concentration. It is the point where the solution readily foams up when shaken, but the concentration is tolerated by me when sucked into my sinuses. This somewhat comic video compares the foams of various levels of dilution. Enjoy.

This solution may or may not work, but if it does work it would hurry this pandemic out of existence, and let us return to our normal lives.