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I am not an alarmist! I am looking at the charts that I have created from data that are easily found on the internet. Especially helpful is Worldometers/coronavirus/. The numbers in the chart below for the first month were collected elsewhere, like WHO, but Worldometers is doing such an excellent job of keeping up with the real data coming in from all over the world that I am now using them exclusively.

What the presentation below illustrates better than any site I have visited is the relationships between the various factors. The turmoil that hit Italy is about to hit the United States! The reason that is probably true, and I personally hope that it isn’t, is the projection on the graph below of the growth of the cases of coronavirus in the US. The number of cases in the US has gone from 16 on February 12 to 46,145 on March 23. If you look at the top of the purple line, you see that it is as steep as the green line that represents Italy. If that long line continues for another week, or two, the US will surpass China as having had the largest number of cases. All of that happened in a little over a single month.

The purple US line is rocketing past China and Italy.

I am only responsible for the presentation of the coronavirus data, not the data itself.