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Update on coronavirus showing four days of growth.

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There is some new data on a line labeled March 19, which shows the coronavirus sitting directly on the projected dashed line based on the previous 6 weeks of growth. The steepest growth appears to be in the US, and I suppose that is why the government has shut the whole country down. That will create economic chaos for many people, but hopefully, we can recover from that when the virus weakens over the hot summer months. It’s harder to recover from dead friends and relatives, even if they are geriatric.

Also, there are some light green lines that are useful for comparing the proportion of the population involved. At the top, these curves are in % (percentages), and nearer the bottom there were too many zeros, so I converted the tag to PPM (parts per million). These are standard usages is some contexts, but it may be unusual for this application to keep a perspective on the magnitude of the coronavirus.

Update on coronavirus showing four days of growth

The complete group of comparisons on one chart.

There are a lot of separate ideas presented on one graphic chart for your comparison.