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There is chaos in the world today because of what at the moment isn’t a historic-level problem. It appears that it might become a killer of a percentage of people, and if everyone on Earth were infected and it killed as it has so far, it may kill 3% of all people. But it will kill only 0.08% under the age of 30, and an estimated 18 percent over age 80.

I’m 84½ and so those percentages don’t feel good. However, I’m in excellent health, and most people think I look, maybe, 55. So, my chances of dying are only 1%, so maybe I should feel good. Doctors are fond of saying, “At your age, something else will get you sooner.” Somehow, that doesn’t comfort me much.

I worked with yesterday’s chart a bit to make our current situation more easily understood. The complex but interesting things about the Ebola disease were eliminated leaving only the case curve and the death curves for each date.

The present Coronavirus situation in GIF format

In PNG format

In JPG format.

Only experimentation will demonstrate which of these formats will present this material best on WordPress.

At 11 pm here in Bend, Oregon, the worldometers coronavirus stats:

Worldwide = 198,781 cases, 7,989 deaths, 1 per million

Italy = 31,506 cases, 2,941 deaths, 512 cases per million

USA = 6,522 cases, 116 deaths, 20 cases per million

China = 69,614 cases, 3,327 deaths, 56 cases per million

This shows a .0001% world population curve over to coronavirus

At the moment coronavirus deaths are tiny compared to the human population, but the potential for death is large for old people.