I’ve been getting emails today stating that various groups are not going to be meeting for a month or so. What that really means is that they are not going to be meeting until this Coronavirus pandemic is over. Or at least until everyone gets tired of all the fussing around without any real problem existing anymore.

Nearly everyone I’ve talked to seems to be concerned and thinking that they are prepared for whatever is going to happen, and yet only a few had any hand alcohol cleanser. Probably, just avoiding people is going to be the best option. People seem to be a little worried about my sanity when I give them my wiggly fingers over my forehead gesture hello, but then seem to warm to the idea.

In addition to doing the media-suggested things I have been going into my hot baths routine or raising my body temperature to a low fever once a day. Just before writing this post I raised my temperature from 96.8°F to 100.2. Part of being old is having a lower body temperature, and I suspect that their low temperature may be one of the factors that makes the elderly more prone to getting the disease more severely. Their antibodies are slow to kick into high gear. By then it’s too late and the disease progresses to their lungs, and that’s the fatal problem.

Anyway, I’m watching to see if I did catch the coronavirus from the medical folks yesterday who were sneezing.