I may have been exposed to Coronavirus this afternoon, and the disease has sprung up here in Bend. All the things I’ve been writing about may have come to nothing at a medical clinic I visited today because of an appointment scheduled months ago. I was having a routine office visit because of the radiation treatments and hormone drugs I have been taking to suppress my prostate cancer for two years. This is nothing unusual for a male my age because eighty percent of men age eighty are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I am eighty-four.

I was literally filling out some forms about my current health and handing it into the clerk’s desk when the person beside me let out a terrific sneeze. There were about ten people in the waiting area, and I told the nurse that I would be outside and stay visible in the window until I was called. About ten minutes later I was called into the room where the procedure was to be performed. Within a minute of getting there, into what turned out to be a very small room, the nurse let out a terrific sneeze. In neither of these sneezes did the person cover their sneeze with their elbow or hand, and they were within six feet of me. I was only in that office for about ten minutes and it was quite clean, and in such an environment it doesn’t seem that there should be any sneezes. I have been in other rooms the last few days where there were hundreds of people and I didn’t hear a single sneeze.

What to do? 

Perhaps my best option is to call back to the office and ask the receptionist if my results are back in yet. She will probably say that my results aren’t in yet and that I will be contacted when they are, but then I will casually ask if either of the two people I was in close contact with are still on the job, or if they are sick. If they are sick I will ask the answering receptionist to check into their condition, and if it appears that they have the Coronavirus that they proceed to contact the local officials and report to them.

These forty-year-old people are in routine contact with old sick people and are the perfect ones for catching and transmitting the disease.