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As Covid-19 covers the world everyone will be exposed, and it is the older people who are at most risk of dying. Those who are exposed to it first will be the first to have a component of their cohort to die.

With those simple relationships clear in mind, it becomes obvious that the older people in the medical professions are at maximum risk of catching Covid and dying. Therefore, it is also obvious that we should and must seek to protect these critically important members of our society.

My suggestion and hopes are that the doctors, nurses, and close medical interfaces with the sick public be protected. That those who are over the age of forty be transferred to jobs that are less exposed to the Covid virus. The younger person replacing them may catch Covid but for them, it will mostly be a mild disease, and they can be back on the job within a few days or a month at most, and hopefully, they will be immunized against a further episode of that sickness. There will probably be further diseases contracted by those people weakened by Covid, and these can be treated more safely by the older medical personnel at the beginning of an outbreak.

This procedure is similar to a medical triage in that it is an effort to save and bring back to normality a maximum number of people.