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Avoid contact with the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus comes into your nose from another person who is infected with the disease. Your first line of defense is to watch for people with a fever and stay away from them. The second is to greet people with the Covid salute, which is identical to the American Sign Language approval sign of your fingers pointed up above your head and wiggling. It may look silly to see people looking at one another wiggling their fingers but the point is to be friendly and maintain a slightly greater distance from others while talking to them. And avoid handshakes and body hugs. Wash your hands and face as often as possible, and use hand sanitizers too.

Avoid people if you have a fever or a dry cough

The coronavirus typically begins with an infection in the nose and proceeds to the sinuses. I have been suggesting training yourself to not touch your nose with your fingers by putting capsaicin on your fingertips. It will burn your nostrils when you poke your finger into them and you will soon learn not to do that.

Isolate your coronavirus infection to your nose

When you catch coronavirus, stay home and avoid physical contact with your friends and family and all of you should wear approved masks. Now comes the tricky part because you will have to be conscious of nonstandard actions! Instead of sucking into your nose when it’s itching with a vibrating action, get in the habit of blowing out and into a tissue. The point of this action is to prevent the coronavirus from moving down into your throat and lungs and creating an infection there.

Isolate your coronavirus infection to your throat. 

If you reach this stage of the disease, you will probably feel sick enough to be bedridden. It is very important not to let the coronavirus get into your lungs. It is in your lungs that coronavirus becomes deadly. It may be difficult to create a habit of coughing gently outward every minute or so after the disease had descended into your lungs. Taking Mucinex tablets will probably help. It is an over-the-counter medicine that is designed to facilitate the outward flow of natural fluids that are normally found in the lungs. The hope is that the mucus will be driven outward by tiny flapping cilia fibers, and the outward flow will be easier if you are lying horizontally. (Cilia are plasma membrane protrusions that act as cellular propellers or antennae. … These structures include the transition fibers, which connect the distal basal body to the base of the ciliary membrane, and the Y-links, which connect the proximal axoneme and ciliary membrane within the transition zone.)

Save your vital organs with oxygen supplements.

At this point in the coronavirus disease development, you should be in a hospital and getting professional medical help. That will probably include extra oxygen being put into your nose. It might be possible to get a DEDAKJ oxygen concentrator for your home, but they seem to be sold out. About now you should be considering Your Last Will and Testament.

Keep the Coronavirus as far away from your lungs as possible.