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It is being reported by those in the medical field that COVID-19 typically starts with a fever and a day later with a dry cough. Then about a week later some lung congestion with shortness of breath. Those who reach this stage often end up in a hospital where they receive supportive care, like oxygen and electrolytes.  About 4.7% of Chinese total cases developed respiratory failure, septic shock and then multi-organ failure, and a few percent deaths. A much higher rate has been experienced by old people living in confined retirement homes.

The Coronavirus begins with a fever.

The obvious suggestion is to take your body temperature starting right now and write it down and take it every hour for a couple of days. The reason is to know your typical temperature at different times of the day so that you can spot a fever immediately when it appears. The official recommendations are to take good care of yourself and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. Home remedies are 1. Pain relievers, 2. Cough syrup or medication, 3. Rest, 4. Fluid intake. But that isn’t going to do you much good if you develop into one of those who get really sick with this horrible disease and maybe die.

Fight the Coronavirus with a fever.

That simple advice needs some additional instruction or it will be counterproductive. 1. Pain relievers like aspirin may ease the pain, but they interfere with your body’s temperature regulation and cool your fever down right when it needs to be warmer for a while to stimulate your natural infection-fighting processes. 2. Cough syrup of some types prevent coughs, but with the Coronavirus part of the problem is dry congestion in the lungs that needs to be coughed out. If it builds up too much, you die. Mucinex is probably the best “cough medicine” because it helps get stuff out with a wetter cough.  3. Rest is good, and it is usually done away from other people, and that is good too. 4. Fluid intake is good, but if there is diarrhea plain water may go right through you without passing through the intestine walls into where it’s needed. A quart of water mixed with nine teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt will probably help to get water into you rather than through you.

Yesterday’s post, The survival kit #6 for COVID-19 – Covid – Coronavirus = Hot baths, gave instructions for warming my body up to a mild fever of 101° in a 105° water bath. That is an experimental procedure and should be accepted as unproven, but it has worked for me with common colds for twenty-five years.

The best advice is to totally avoid physical contact with people sick with the Coronavirus disease.