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The new epidemic disease, COVID-19 – Covid – Coronavirus, has some similarities to the common cold; therefore, my cure for the common cold, which I have been using since 1993, might have similar results. Over those years I have ringed around the methods discussed below with experiments, and presently think the suggested method is near ideal.

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“A short-list of some common-cold fighting posts.

These are personal observations, but they have proven very effective for curing my cases of flu. In fact, the only colds I have had since discovering this technique in 1993, when I had a cold which became annoying to the point of a teaspoon full of snot, (the quantity of snot is a good measure of the severity of a flu) have been tests where I did only one hot bath per day. That wasn’t enough to keep the flu at bay; on the other hand, three baths per day worked just fine but took up too much time. Two baths worked just fine, and I was able to carry on with my daily life as if there were no symptoms at all. Also, this technique has the advantage of keeping my viral load so small that I am not communicating the disease to people with whom I come into contact.”

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Here is How to Cooperate With Your Body’s Effort to Destroy the Flu.[The following temperatures have been lowered a bit from Proba-95.] At the first sign that you are catching the flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available. Use an oral fever thermometer to get it right. Ideally this self-induced fever can be produced by immersing yourself in a bath of 103° F water for five minutes followed by raising the water temperature to 106° F for about ten minutes. After adjusting the bath to 106° F, which will feel a bit uncomfortable, just lie there deep in the water and soak in the heat and let the tub temperature drift back down to about 105° F, by the end of the ten-minute period. You may have to reheat the water to keep it at 105°+. Use your thermometer to measure your mouth temperature and the bath temperature alternatively until you reach 102° F. After the ten-minute heat soak get out and towel off. Then rest and perspire and let your body adjust to its natural temperature. These times and temperatures are based on a 180-pound man so if you are much different in size make adjustments. A smaller body will heat up faster so 105° F times ten minutes might be better for one hundred-pound people. Do not force anyone to do this procedure…especially children or people with known physical problems. This induced fever must be self-administered. If before the time in the tub is up you start to feel nauseated dizzy or have unusual heartbeats, get out immediately and cool down. In fact, I recommend having a person close by monitoring the whole affair just in case you faint. You are sick, after all. After you get out of the bath, you should feel a bit warm for about an hour and then completely normal for the next six hours. Redo the bath as above once every eight hours for two days (or every 12 hours for 3 days)—that is a minimum of six hot baths. My experience with this procedure is that 50 hours after the first bath I have been totally cured of the feeling of flu. However, I do recommend taking a hot bath at least once a day for a few more days, as a precaution against a relapse. If, at the beginning of the flu, your body starts to develop a chill or fever on its own, take your hot bath then and try to adjust the cycle of your intentional fevers to its natural ones.

(Perhaps for Coronavirus a few more days of hot baths would ensure that you are over this dangerous disease.)


This study measured 18,630 white adults aged 20–98 years and found that eighty-year-old people have lower body temperatures than middle-aged adults. I wonder if the high death rate of older people afflicted with the Coronavirus was because their lower body temperature was slower to attack the disease. If that is true, which can only be discovered by a large test, then the hot bath technique would be helpful in reducing their symptoms.

Each of these Survival Kit blog posts is a speculative exploration of a way of coping with Coronavirus disease. It is not a suggestion for you to do any of these things.