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It is difficult to follow the multitude of sites presenting data about the COVID-19 – Covid – Coronavirus as even the names for it in English vary. Therefore, after searching through them, it seems reasonable at this time to settle on what appears to be a good one and use their statistics.

The Worldometers has compiled thorough presentations and offers thoughtful graphs and analysis. I as a single person totally removed from the fray, at the moment, can only present a commentary on strange things that don’t seem to have been seen by others. Thus, these ideas are not official in any way, but hopefully, people in decision-making positions may discover something useful in what I present.

The situation appears to me to more dangerous than even the maniac news seems to realize. For example … Look at the chart I posted just two days ago and observe the number of people dead on March 1, 2020, is 3,057. Now look vertically up to March 1, 2020 for the total number of cases … it is 89,080. Simple division of 89,080 / 3,057 = 29.38. That would mean that the death rate is one person in 29 infected with Covid dies. But wait … go to the number 3,057 dead on March 1, and move left to the number indicated by the heavy blue line. It is very near the exact same number about thirty-two days earlier.

Coronavirus compared to Ebola on a logarithmic chart.

At the time I drew this graph I didn’t have precise data for that date but going to Worldometers.com there is now a more exact number. It is between 2,800 > 4,581.  Granted these data numbers are probably going to change for January 26 > 27 as the historical data refines them, but they are approximately right and the bracketing numbers reveals a huge jump in cases.

What they show is that with a time of first symptoms to death of about two weeks, and the time from infection to symptoms about one week, there is a much grimmer probable outcome for those who catch Covid-19 than is presented in the simple division calculation of total current cases divided by total death, which is commonly presented.

For the current data go to the current Coronavirus Cases from Worldometers.info/coronavirus/

For today the numbers are,

2020, March 3 = 93,210 cases. 3,203 Deaths, 51,005 Recovered

What becomes obvious is that the Coronavirus is more deadly than reported.