Viruses are tiny and numerous, and their DNA mutates a lot. For us humans that is both good and bad; the good is that they tend to get weaker and less contagious on average, and the bad is that some of them get more virulent and more contagious and kill us.

Because the Covid probably will follow that general procedure over the next few years it would be wise of us to concentrate our standard medical procedures on those mutated Covid viruses that are most destructive to human health. We as individuals will tend to develop some immunity to Covid from being exposed to sub-contagious levels of it. But that is risky because there is no way of knowing what the exposure is, or how we as individuals will cope with the exposure level.

Getting a vaccination against Covid is the obvious answer, but the authorities are telling us that it will be a year to eighteen months before we can expect a Covid vaccine to become available. But because this disease is so contagious and is spreading so fast, a year is far, far too long to wait and many people will die in the meantime.

There is a possible way to create personal immunity in only a month or two using a modern adaptation of a technique used back until the year 1800, when Edward Jenner introduced his effective vaccine for smallpox. The death rate from ordinary smallpox was about 30 percent, with another 30 percent going blind, and almost all survivors having pockmarks on their faces.  Infection with Variola minor induces immunity against the more deadly Variola major. Jenner’s original vaccination technique was to scratch volunteers with a sample of the much milder disease, cowpox. Cowpox was similar enough to smallpox to give immunity to smallpox.

There was a technique preceding Jenner’s discovery of the cowpox vaccine for preventing deadly smallpox by inoculating healthy people with a scratch of the weakened smallpox virus. These were obtained from the old drying scabs of survivors with a mild case of ordinary smallpox. It usually prevented smallpox, but the method had about a one percent fatality rate.

The possible alternative to a COVID-19, Coronavirus vaccine.

What I am proposing is similar to the variolation technique, but hopefully much safer. The method is to track the various communities of naturally occurring Covid and watch for serious symptoms in some groups compared to mild symptoms in other groups. There should be some observable differences in the seriousness of the disease because over time the viruses do mutate. These naturally occurring pockets of variation would have to be observed early in the general epidemic because it would be easier to observe the difference in the DNA forms of the disease when there was a single individual source.

Now is the time to seek out single-source outbreaks to discover the mild ones and give immunity by transmitting these mild diseases to healthy people.