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I have been promoting kindness on this blog for a long time, but it has been an abstract harangue against people talking love excessively and not doing anything physical to express their claims of love.

However, if and (that’s more like a probably) when Coronavirus comes to your town it will be moving past the time to consider your response to people getting sick. What are you going to do about your friends needing help? What are you going to do about your spouse or other family members coming down with this highly contagious disease?

There is a good chance that when your community is hit by this disease it will be hit quickly and hard. If that happens, the local medical facilities will be overwhelmed and be forced into some kind of tent city situation where victims are isolated. Or perhaps to isolate all the victims into a gymnasium where they can be “cared for” but actually as a method for protecting the rest of the people from their spreading the disease.

Is that what is in store for you or your family members, or friends? Before this problem arises, it is easy and cheap to make preparations. These preparations may not prevent all the problems, but they will ease them a little.

For example, if a special room of your living quarters could be set aside for a contagious person, which had a separate toilet, sink and water and where food and verbal support could be provided without actually physically contacting the person, it would improve your chances for avoiding the Coronavirus, or the common cold.

Most diseases are probably caught from people you know personally, therefore it makes sense to keep your friends healthy.