Coronavirus is much worse than Ebola. This becomes obvious when they are seen together on a logarithmic chart.

Coronavirus shown with Ebola

There is much greater growth in the numbers of Coronavirus victims when compared to Ebola.

The chart above was derived from one published here on Probaway in 2015. The blue lines and data points represent the Coronavirus and it is easily seen that the growth rate of victims is much steeper. What is particularly disturbing is that there have already been massive efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus and it is still exploding worldwide. It was reported that it is now in thirty-three countries. Because it has already entered places where there isn’t the economic power and medical facilities to isolate the known victims and probable carriers, it will continue to spread rapidly. That being the current situation there will be a continued spread until the whole of humanity is exposed. Fortunately, the current death rate is low enough that in its current form it isn’t an existential threat, but it is certain to be a traumatic experience. Even the extreme measures used in China to subdue the Coronavirus didn’t come close to stopping it, and few if any other countries have the political power to enforce those kinds of restrictions. Thus, this next year is one in which we as individuals should make preparations.

Now is the time for you, your family, your friends, your community, your country to prepare, while everything is still relatively normal.