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The world would become even more wonderful if we humans would cultivate more kind actions. A tiny kind action, performed consciously, will enter the history of the world as a fact of reality. Once done it can never be undone and the world has become a better place.

Tremendous good deeds are hard to discover and hard to do, but there are many tiny good deeds that can be done even if they go unnoticed. It is okay that they are unnoticed because their goodness has already entered the world, and all humanity is better because of those tiny acts.

Seek out and do tiny kind actions and the whole world becomes a better place for everyone.


1 – There is plenty of living to be done within the natural world, and it is easy to choose to be kind and not to do stupid things that violate its laws.

2 – We can choose our personal goals and passions in ways that will improve ourselves and everything else.

3 – Each of our eight billion individuals has the possibility of discovering and propagating marvelous new opportunities for our world.

4 – My contentment is enjoying what I now have and accepting fond memories of what I once possessed but no longer need.


1 – In every encounter think “How can I be kind to them.”

2 – Sometimes even when you are right you still get burnt. So, foresee safe ways to test your assumptions before doing something stupid.

3 – We live in a world where we are only animals if we are not behaving as socialized humans.

4 – Your inner self can always be asking, “Is this the right thing to think and to do?”


1 – Coping with unresolvable problems requires approaching them with an emotional state that is suited to fit those involved.

2 – It has been claimed that “Love conquers all.” But I would maintain that “Love is only meaningful when it is expressed in kind actions.”

3 – I strive to be a kinder person, and everyone will benefit from that.

4 – I delight in raising others up at the expense of lowering myself.

The natural universe is the source of everything; therefore, I honor, respect and obey everything it provides. I live totally within its generosity and when I treat it correctly, it will respond properly. I seek to live in a beautiful balance with the living world, and within a loving human society, and I seek to meet everyone in an appropriate way and to help them join in friendship with all sentient beings. I watch carefully for ways to unveil goals that will help all living beings to thrive and avoid future suffering, and when bounty or suffering comes along I seek ways to cope suitably with its source.