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Cultivating kind actions has been arranged into — WISDOM — ETHICS — and VIRTUES, and each of these generalized qualities has four mature behaviors. Each of those actions requires some forethought, but they can be learned, and they can become habitual with a little practice. Each can be practiced as a quiet meditation to help make external behaviors in anticipated routine situations become automatic.


  1. I, you, the earth and the Universe were born and will eventually vanish.
  2. But the world we live in is a robust place with many paths and choices.
  3. The source of our stress is craving to get more than we now possess.
  4. Our contentment is being satisfied with less than we once possessed.

We can choose to be kind to every form of life and cultivate kind actions toward all living things and especially members of our own species and our own well-being. Doing these things becomes the essence of personal goodness.

Injury and death are common to all living things, and minimizing the suffering associated with things is a worthy goal. Positive things are also available to our individual lives within the opportunities and bounds provided by nature. Our personal attributes, the society we dwell within and our individual luck and perseverance give much to aspire to and to accomplish.

We can choose those life-paths that enhance our bodies and minds. We can choose to be energized with ideas that bring kindness into the world. We can move beyond thoughts of love and the feelings of love onto expressions of love. These are in the form of kind actions that are helpful to our loved ones, and that love expands to everyone.

Words are rarely more than hopes, and hopes are rarely more than ruminating on thoughts about idealized futures, but kind actions that have been performed in the moment of another’s need are real and actually do create better futures.

By watching for opportunities to help another person, we can be ready to perform a kind act for them in the moment and by doing so to create the habit of being kind to everyone else, including ourselves.

A kind action at the moment of need is the ultimate expression of wisdom.