The post “Cultivating kind actions — WISDOM — #1 – I, you, the earth and the Universe were born and will eventually vanish.”

When you accept that everything that you can ever be aware of will soon vanish from your mind, it becomes easier to relate to what can come to your mind. When your body ceases to function, your mind vanishes forever. When your friends’ bodies cease to live, their minds vanish forever. When the earth is incorporated into the Sun, it vanishes as an entity forever. When enough time passes, the Universe as we know it vanishes.

When we accept these simple obvious things, it becomes easier for us to seek out the things that we can do with our time and live a vigorous life within those constraints. Humanity has explored the physical world we live within, and our modern science has measured time, space, matter and energy to an accuracy far beyond what our natural senses can perceive.

The considerations of our physical being within these boundaries are known, and we are compelled to live our lives in absolute obedience to these natural laws. In our minds we can conjure many things, but always our bodies, the home of our thoughts, must live within Nature’s Laws.

From these observations, we can know that our lives will be longer and more enjoyable if we choose to keep away from attempting the impossible. Therefore, be kind to your body and your mind. Seek out and pursue challenges that are within the possibilities of nature.

There is plenty of living to be done within the natural world, and it is easy to choose not to do stupid things that violate its laws.