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The post “Cultivating kind actions — WISDOM — #3 – The source of our stress is craving to get more than we now possess.”

Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s too much stress, especially from things that we can’t control but that can control us. Too much coddling, especially at the beginning of life, or school, or a job can make it difficult to face real challenges when they come along, and then even mild challenges bring on unpleasant stress.

The good kind of stressors are those which we seek out and challenge us to do our best, to be dedicated to a goal, to do good work to achieve our goal, to be creative when there are no apparent options, to be successful when the struggle is in doubt, and to win at honest games of skill because of our dedication.

It is good to crave more than what we have, to look down our road ahead and to persevere even when our goal has been obscured with difficulties. Of course, as we proceed our goal must incorporate kindness toward everyone we are to be affecting.

We, and by that I mean you, are the final arbiter of what is to be done. It is our decisions and actions that make our world a better place, that make it better for us, our friends, and everyone else. Getting more good things for everyone has the potential to make human society a good thing for us, for all living things, and beyond.

We can choose our personal stress as a way to improve ourselves and everything else.