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The post “Cultivating kind actions — ETHICS — #1 Proper actions based on clear perceptions and forethought of results.”

Human evolutionary processes brought us the ability to foresee the future much better than other species. We are not so limited in our thoughts because we have the ability to speak and communicate more complex thoughts than species who are limited by their direct perceptions and personal memories.

It was our genetic intentional self-selection for language and its syntax that evolved into our ability to think into the future with alternatives, and to confer with others on how we might achieve a proposed goal. Chief among these shared goals was the creating of personally worthwhile accomplishments for everyone’s benefit.

Even with perfect foresight, it is never certain what the results of our actions will be, but if we are guided by the goal of performing kind actions for the benefit of all humanity we will rarely go wrong.

In every meeting with others, consider how to be kind to them.